Andrej Mikulík

Dr. Andrej Mikulík


   +41 79 952 13 14
+421 944 508 620



Current position

Staff Software Engineer, Tech Lead/Manager at Google
Internationalization, Private Search.


I finished PhD at
Czech Technical University in Prague
Department of Cybernetics
The Center for Machine Perception
under supervision of Prof. Jiri Matas and Dr. Ondrej Chum
supported by the Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship program

I finished Bachelor and Master studies with honours at
Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics


Previous working experience

Microsoft Research Cambridge

In March 2009 started my internship in Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK). I worked on implementation of high speed image search engine using image features and inverted file indexing in web-scale database. My supervisor was Dr. Andrew Fitzgibbon.


I worked as an analyst and software developer in a logistic company Logio s.r.o.. My main working activity was the development of Planing Wizard, a software for effective demand planning and inventory management. I focused on time analysis, analysis of promo actions and demand forecasting.


In 2006 I founded the robotic team Logio. Supported by the Charles University and our sponsor Logio s.r.o. we competed in Eurobot 2007 and Robotour 2007. In 2008 we decided to rename our team and continue in successful tradition of MAtfyz Robotic Team MART. During the preparation for the competition Eurobot 2008 we wrote two papers on the topic mobile robotics, which we presented on the conference during the international round in Heidelberg, Germany. We competed with robot Logion also on the North Star contest in St. Petersburg, Russia. Many studends have joined our team since the begining. Our numbers have grown from the original four in year 2006 to present twenty-three. Since it was time-consuming I gave up team leadership in favour of one of my colleagues. Later on I was focusing on my role as developer in the field of computer vision.