Andrej Mikulik

Dr. Andrej Mikulik
+1 650 686 1506

Work experience 
since 2014

Software Engineer and Tech Lead Manager,
work on Private Search and Internationalization.


Microsoft Research Cambridge
Cambridge Lab Internship Program
Implementation of high speed content based image search engine using image features and inverted file indexing under supervision of Dr. Andrew Fitzgibbon.


Logio s. r. o.
Analyst and software developer,
worked mainly on time series analysis, data extrapolation, promotional analysis and forecasting for demand planning, database and code performance optimization.


University robotic team MART
Founder and team leader,
worked mainly on computer vision, autonomous robot guidance system, representing faculty on competitions like Eurobot or Robotour.


Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Center for Machine Perception
PhD student under supervision of Prof. Jiri Matas
Supported by the Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship program


Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
2007 graduated with honours – Bachelor of Computer Science
2010 graduated with honours – Master of Computer Science

Relevant skills

Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics

C/C++, Java, C#, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle RDBMS, Cassandra NoSQL DB, Node JS

Matlab, Wolfram Mathematica, GIT, SVN

Windows, Linux at the administration level

Mathematical background (statistics, analysis, econometrics)

Experience with shell scripts, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Python, Assembler, Prolog, Haskell


Mikulik A., Radenović F., Chum O., Matas J.
Efficient Image Detail Mining
In proceedings of ACCV 2014

Mikulik A., Chum O., Matas J.
Image Retrieval for Online Browsing in Large Image Collections
In proceedings of Similarity Search and Applications 2013

Mikulik A., Perďoch M., Chum O., Matas J.
Learning Vocabularies over a Fine Quantization
International Journal of Computer Vision 2012

Chum O., Mikulik A., Perďoch M., Matas J.
Total Recall II: Query Expansion Revisited
In proceedings of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2011

Mikulik A., Perďoch M., Chum O., Matas J.
Learning a Fine Vocabulary
In proceedings of European Conference on Computer Vision 2010

Mikulik A., Matas J., Perďoch M., Chum O.
Construction of Precise Local Affine Frames
In proceedings of the International Conference on Pattern Recognition 2010

Mach L., Mikulik A., Basovník S., Obdržálek D.
Detecting Scene Elements Using Maximally Stable Colour Regions
In proceedings of the International Conference on Research and Education in Robotics 2009

Mikulik A., Obdržálek D., Petrůšek T., Basovník S., Dekar M., Jusko P., Pechal R., Piták R.
Logion - A robot Which Collects Rocks
In proceedings of the International Conference on Research and Education in Robotics 2008


English (fluent), German (basic), Slovak (native)

Interests Education, programming, sports in general, classical music (I used to play the akordeon, the clarinet and the acoustic guitar)